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An abscrat from a Goodreads review by Michael Jandrok. 

"Now what I wrote above is all very true, but I think that I just glossed over what is truly a monstrous work. That Goebbels was a sociopath should be obvious. What is less obvious is that he, like many of those in leadership positions in the Nazi hierarchy, was a highly educated and cultured man. We want our villains to be clear cut, with fangs and glowing eyes and all sorts of cues that plainly tell us that this is a BAD PERSON. But Goebbels was clearly human, and maybe that’s the scariest part of the whole thing for me. I can understand the motives of villains, but trying to understand the motives of humans who do horrendous things with no more than a blink of an eye…, that disturbs the shit out of me. These diaries make plain that Goebbels was a true fanatic, tied into the vision of the Nazi Party so utterly and completely that it dominated his every waking thought. He writes with clarity and perfect grammar. He describes atrocities with flowery language. He displays, dare I say it, an ironic and dry sense of humor. How am I to make cognitive sense of it all? It’s like finding out that your kindly English Lit professor was really a serial killer, hiding the bodies in a mass grave in his basement while marking your papers with a red pen and giving out good life advice."

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